Best Tanning Lotion Guideline to Get a Dark Luxurious Tan

Tanning lotions accelerate the tanning process, whether you prefer outdoor tanning and indoor tanning beds. Best tanning lotions 2021 can help you to develop your tan faster while extending its lifespan. Most tanning lotions have the proficiency to nourish, rejuvenate, and protect your skin with vitamins, antioxidants, and natural extracts.

There are so many tanning lotion brands are available in the market, it’s important to choose one suitable for your skin type and tanning needs. Here in this article, we’ll guide you, how to determine which type of tanning lotion is ideal for you.

Best Tanning Lotion 2021 Types

Do you need a tanning lotion? If, Yes! Then choose the best tanning lotion which will provide moisturization to the skin, and also help to nourish your skin cells for a healthy, and youthful appearance. Skin complexion is a big factor while selecting the best tanning. Fair skin complexion people will take time by getting a dark tan as compere to dark skin complexion.

A fair complexion person always recommended using an accelerator lotion, light bronzer, or self-tanner. Dark complexion people will use Dark bronzers, tingles, and tingle bronzers. Some other considerations to consider when choosing a lotion because they too can highly effective in your tanning experience. Below is a list of tanning lotion types, to help you to choose the best tanning lotion 2021 for your luxurious dark tan.

Best Accelerators Tanning Lotion

Accelerators, Maximizers, or Intensifiers all these tanning lotions have skin-friendly ingredients to keep your skin hydrated. Hydrated skin accepts more UV light resulting, and have less chance of burning skin while tanning. They are all suitable for any level of sunless tanner and help to prevent wrinkles and fine lines from your skin.

Best Bronzers Tanning Lotion

Bronzers, or self-tanner, tanning lotions have such magical ingredients that give your skin an instant natural dark tan with or without the use of UV lights. The best bronzer tanning lotions are derived from a variety of natural plant oils that turn a bronze color when they apply to your skin. Bronzers will provide you a good base tan, expedite the development of a base tan and also help to prolong your tan. If you want an immediate, natural tanning glow, then choose such tanning lotions which contain bronzer.

 Best Tingles Tanning Lotion

 Best Tanning lotion tingles added such healthy ingredients that increase blood circulation on the top layers of your skin. Blood circulation keeps a tingling sensation on your skin layer and creates a warm reddening effect. There are different levels of tingle intensity, and a wide variety of best indoor tanning lotions are also available in the market, so you can find one that is suitable for your skin tone. Tanning lotions with tingles should be used by people who need a fast dark base tan or advanced tanners.

Best Tingle/Bronzers Tanning lotion

Tanning lotion which contains tingles and bronzers proficiency help to receive one of the best tanning results. You will get the instant dark natural color of a bronzer with the sensation and tanning properties of a tingle lotion. It gives you intense and long-lasting tanning effects. The tingle and bronzing additives work together within your skin cells and increase the effectiveness of the tanning lotion. You’ll get the glow by Tingle/Bronzers, that you want and one that lasts for a long time.

Best Moisturizing Lotion

Tanning lotion with the addition of skin moisturizers plays an integral part in your best indoor tanning experience.  Best Moisturizing lotion provide nutrients to your skin, which help to maintain the beauty of your perfect tan. Tanning lotion moisturizers have skin-friendly ingredients that help to prolong the life of your tan. It will help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles from your skin and provide the elasticity of your skin to give you a youthful healthy appearance.  Best Moisturizing lotions can be used anytime to give your skin.

When you’re tanning your skin, the UVA radiation penetrates deep within your skin, causing DNA damage. The body reacts by releasing melanin. Sunburn and redness are the results of harmful UVB rays which will lead to skin cancer and damage. Tanning also contributes to premature wrinkles, while decreasing the immune system. If you want to achieve a golden tan, with or without sun, follow the safety tips to minimize skin damage prevention.

 Best Outdoor Tanning Lotion

Avoid peak hours, when the sun’s UV radiation is at its most intense. Use sunscreen with at least 30% SPF for protection against sun damage. It will protect you against UVA and UVB rays. Apply it 30 minutes before going outside, even if you’re using a higher SPF. Have a bottle of after-sun lotion on standby, in case you get sunburn. After-sun lotions contain emollients like aloe vera that help to heal and rehydrate your dry and cracked skin.

Best Indoor Tanning Lotion

Tanning salons provide tanning beds in the proper environment, infect it is not safer than outdoor tanning; they’re actually more dangerous. The UVA radiation emitted by the fluorescent lamps can be three times stronger than natural light, which will be increasing the risk of skin damage. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation.  Best Indoor tanners’ chances of developing melanoma skin cancer are 74 % higher than those who’ve never used tanning beds. That’s why you should limit indoor tanning. Always wear protective eye gear.

Best Sunless Tanning Lotion

 Best Self-tanning products or bronzers, which come in lotions, creams, gels, and wipes all are a much safer way to tan your skin as you want. They all contain dihydroxyacetone, a carbohydrate that creates temporarily darkens your body. After shaving, wait at least 12 hours to prevent skin irritation. When using self-applying tans and non-UV tanning aerosol wear goggles, nose plugs, and a mouthpiece to prevent ingesting the harmful chemicals.

 Choose the Best Self-Tanning Lotion 2021

The color of your skin should help to determine which self-tanner is favorable for your

skin tone. If you have pale skin, opt for subtle shades. If you have medium or olive sky

you have more flexibility between medium or dark tanners.

Start from the bottom

Before applying best tanning lotion 2021 on your body, make sure to wear a tanning glove, take a small quantity of self-tanner and gently apply it on your legs in circular motions. Start from ankles and work your way up. Apply on your hands and arms at the very last.

Apply a little amount of product on your face, i.e., your forehead, apples of your cheeks, the bridge of your nose, and your chin. Blend the self-tanner outward from your fingertips and wash your hands immediately after application take time to dry. After applying tanning lotion, take the proper time to get better tanning results. Avoid sweating showering for at least 6-8 hours after applying self-tanner to avoid streaking your skin layer.

Moisturize your skin tone

To get best long-lasting tanning results keep your skin moisturized. Avoid abrasive products and acne treatment because they can dissolve your tan.

Best Self-tanning tips

In this section of the article, I’ll discuss the best ways to tan yourself outside. First, I’ll discuss the topical applications and cosmetics technical specifications, how to get a luxurious tan in the minimum time period.

Check the Sunburn Map

When you are going outside, for skin security you should check your area’s UV index at first. By following the general guidelines, you can get an idea of how much sun will be angry on you, and how long you can stay under the sun with and without sunscreen. When it comes to self-tanner, you should pay more attention to yourself to get the best tan. Wax or shave the certain area the day before to prevent any allergy and rashes.

Exfoliate your skin

 Best Self-tanner sinks into dry skin, leaving patchy-looking areas and focus on rough spots like the knees, elbows, ankles, and heels. Avoid oil-based exfoliants as they can causes streaks on your skin.

Tanning Lotion

The Beneficial Ingredients in Your Tanning Lotion 2021

If you want to choose your ideal tanning lotion, you may wonder which products are suited to your skin tone and which are not. In this section, I will guide you, how to find out the best tanning lotion? And what are the main ingredients you must consider while purchasing your tanning lotion?


A moisturizer to help as a conditioner on your skin tone

Hemp seed oil

To nourish, protect and moisturize your skin surface and give you a smooth and charming look


To eliminate puffiness and energize skin from your skin

Beta-Carotene (vitamin A)

Enhances pigmentation

Vitamin E

Reduces the appearance of fine lines, patches, and wrinkles


Give an extra shiny look to your skin added glow

How to Use the Best Bed Tanning Lotions 2021

In this guiding article you get an idea about the different types of tanning lotions and their benefits, and how can you use them properly? Etc. Here are some helpful tips to follow to use the indoor tanning lotion safely, to get successful results.

  • Always do a small patch test, to check skin sensitivity. There may be such an ingredient in your desired tanning product that may act as an irritant on your skin. Some experience a full allergic reaction completes with hives and itching.
  • Products that claim to be effective for both indoor and outdoor tanning are more potent outside in direct sunlight, including the best indoor tanning lotions. When using a tanning bed lotion outdoors, apply it in a limited time under the sun. Remember, there is no protection from the sun’s UV rays in such products, which clime to be effective for both indoor and outdoor tanning.
  • leave your tanning lotion 10 to 20 minutes on your skin. if you will spend much time in the sun, you will likely get sunburn. Sunburn means cell damage and you increase your risk of skin cancer.
  • Follow the directions provided by the manufacturer on the indoor tanning lotion label.
  • Always prefer to use quality products/ brands to receive the best results.
  • Read the label and trust the manufacturer by following all of the directions. If you will find any safety precautions follow such instructions, to get a safe tan without skin damage.
  • Always scrub your hands after applying bronzer to prevent discoloration around fingers.
  • Protect your cloth and towel from the tanning lotions.
  • Take a proper shower to remove the tanning lotion and apply a moisturizer on your body to get a soft look.
  • All tanning lotions are not equally suitable for all skin types and ages, so select them wisely. I recommend you, always try to prefer those tanning products which have Shea butter, which helps to feel the softness on your skin, just like baby skin.

FAQ Section

What is the best tanning lotion?

Australian Gold Accelerator Lotion is the best tanning lotion, it is an effective tanning lotion feature with the highest user ratings. It is suitable for all skin types to darken your skin tone without ski burn. It doesn’t contain any bronzer that may create orange streaks and unsightly blotches effects on your body, so it’s totally safe and skin-friendly tanning lotion.  Due to its pleasant fragrance and superior bronzing results, this is one of the top-rated tabbing lotions.

How to apply tanning lotion?

Step-by-step gradual tan application tips

Before applying best tanning lotion 2021 on your skin, being a user, you have to follow various instructions to get good tanning results without skin damage and allergy.

  • Buff your skin and take a shower
  • Taking a small amount of lotion, rub it thoroughly, applying it in a circular motion.
  • You can apply tanning lotion everywhere, however, use sparingly on dry areas such as knees and elbows.
  • After applying, wash your hands to avoid nasty color on your palm
  • Moisturize your skin to keep skin soft and glowing and reapply gradual tan as necessary as it starts to fade.

How to get tanning lotion off?

Here a few different ideas to get tanning lotion off, and the best part of these remedies is they all are very inexpensive and easy to use.

Exfoliate with A Body Scrub

You can use an exfoliator, you simply apply baby scrub on the exfoliating mitt, and then use it in a circular motion to scrub away the tanner.  Exfoliation is the key to stunning skin and will give you a youthful appearance, and safe you’re from offensive streaks or patches.

Lemon Juice

Leamon juice will smartly work on small blemishes which will create during applying tanning lotion on the body like; hands or feet.  Just dab your skin with a cotton pad, soaked it in lemon juice, and gently apply it on the spot.  This is useful when you have just a few spots of self-tanner.

White Vinegar

White vinegar is useful to remove self-tanning spots. you just sock cotton in vinegar and apply it for 10 minutes, then rinsing it off with cold water.

Baking Soda

This is pretty simple and easy to do, you just simply make yourself a body scrub of water and baking soda and get to work exfoliating away the orange patches.

Baby Oil

Body oil is really useful to reduce your color over a large area.  To make it work, take baby oil and let it sit on your required body areas for 10-15 minutes. After 10 to 15 minutes take a hot water bath to rinse away the self-tanner.  It is simple but moisturizer your body and give you a softer and smoother look.

Baby Wipes

Not all baby wipes work, but some do it very well, you don’t need to rub baby wipes on your required areas hardly to remove the stain. It’ll damage your skin too.


Alcohol may be harsh on your skin as well. Rub it on your certain area, let it sit for a minute or two and then rinse it with cold water.  You can also cover your required area with tissue or cotton ball and gently rub the area that you want to be removed.

Why do people say indoor tanning is ‘smart’?

Best Indoor tanning allows you to maximize the tanning results while cutting down on the risk of sunburn. It is a smart way to tan your body at home. This not only saves you from sunburn but also helps you develop a better tan.

Why are branded tanning lotions better than drugstores lotions?

Branded tanning lotions are made with special skin-friendly ingredients, vitamins, and other elements that give your skin nourishment and a better-looking tan. The -counter tanning lotions do not have the crucial ingredients and vitamins that are essential for the perfect tan. Furthermore, the lotions are available at a drug store do not as much effect as branded lotion. Drug store tanning lotions lost moisturization that happens during the tanning process. Branded lotions were specifically made for indoor tanning; thus, they are far better than the ones found at drugstores.

Tanning lotion can be used on the face?

The skin on your face is more sensitive than the rest of your body, which means it may create allergic reactions on your face skin. In fact, fragrances from the lotion commonly cause cosmetic allergies on the face. This is why we do not recommend using tanning lotions on your face.

What is the best indoor tanning lotion?

Millenium Tanning New Solid Black Bronzer Tanning Bed Lotion- best indoor tanning is containing silicon and bronzers to accelerate darkening effects on your body. Silicone leaves your skin soft effects and provides you magically. improvement in the appearance and texture of their skin. It has a light Orchid Blush scent, which is creating pleasing after applying it.

What does tan lotion do?

The purpose of tanning lotion is to provide sunless tan. It gives its users a tanned appearance without exposing their serves to the sun’s radiation.  Best Tanning lotions accelerate the tanning process, by promoting the production of melanin, and Increasing blood circulation within your skin cells, which may, in turn, stimulate the production of melanin by melanocytes.

What is DHA in tanning lotion?

DHA is the active ingredient in the best sunless tanning lotions.  When we applied tanning lotion on our body, dihydroxyacetone reacts on the skin’s surface layer to temporarily darken the skin and simulate a tan.

How Long You Need to Go for the best Tan?

If you can bear skin burns easily during a tanning session, you may want just 5 minutes in a tanning bed. If you get tan from the tanning salon, they also mention the time duration of Level One bed, and Level Two to guide their clients. If 5 minutes does not give you your required burn, you can try to increase 2 to 3 minutes more to get the ideal tan.

 Type of Tanning Bed Tanning

salons offer different types of tanning beds. The levels determine the number of UV rays and your skin type, how quickly you will tan. These tanning levels start from level 1 to level 4. Type of Tanning Bed Different types of beds are used in Salone tanning such as;

  • Lying-down bed
  • Stand-up bed
  • Strip of tanning bed

There is no particular bed that is better than another, it’s totally dependent upon your own choice in which tanning bed you feel more comfortable and you like. If you can bear tanning, I will recommend you to use a stand-up tanning bed, it will create more exciting results as compared to other tanning beds.

Lie down tanning bed is also relaxing if you can bear the pain to start, then you can opt to lie down tanning bed session for best tanning result. Before choosing a tanning bed, ask your facilitator to show different beds they have, and see which one is comfortable for you while taking a tanning session. Body Movement during tan When your tanning session will be static, and you will not move or change your body posters it will cause wrinkles in your skin. UV rays do not reach, your whole body, so your body will not tan properly. So try to opt for different positions in tanning sessions, it will help to achieve the best long-lasting tan results.

Which tanning Lotion will be suitable for the best tanning result?

There is a lot of option you have to select best tanning lotion from the market. Here in this guiding article, I will suggest some tips to choose the best tanning lotion to get the ideal tan. So must consider these options while selecting your tanning products;

  • If you are looking for dark tanning color, then you have to choose a lotion with a bronzer or intensify as well.
  • When applying lotion, apply it evenly
  • If you have sensitive skin, it’s a great idea to buy a small sample packet for a skin test before buying a bottle.

Sunless Tanning Tips

Getting the sexiest results every time is easy with the best sunless tanning lotion. with sunless tanning products you will get a sexy bronze glow every time. Best sunless tanning lotions will be bronzed and hydrated while smoothing out fine lines and imperfections every time you will apply them to your body.

Before you Get your Sunless Tanning Spray 

  • Don’t shave 24 hours before to visit on salon
  • Take a shower
  • Use a body scrub to exfoliate your skin, not a bar soap
  • You want to remove excess skin cells, so the sunless tanning spray will create evenly and fresh canvas of your sunless tanning product
  • Spend a little extra time exfoliating areas such as; elbows and ankles
  • If you skin is dry, use light lotion at least 2 hours prior
  • Apply barrier cream on your nail beds
  • Remove makeup from your skin
  • Avoid wearing perfumes

During Your Tanning Secession

  • Wear undergarments to protect sensitive areas of your body
  • Use protective eyewear
  • Keep your mouth closed
  • Use lip balm to protect your lips from burn

After your Spray Secession

  • After the session you do not need to towel down after your tanning session, you simply step out and dress.
  • Wear dark, loose clothing
  • wear open shoes
  • Avoid getting your skin wet
  • Wait 4-6 hours before you shower, and then apply shower gel only with your hands, not on a loofah
  • For best results, use shower gel
  • After your shower, moisturize your skin at least two to three times a day
  • Keep hydrating your skin to maintain a glowing long-lasting tan

 Sunbed Tan 

TIPS The sun creates two types of sun rays, UVA and UVB. So, if you’re a pale freak, always start slow with your tanning to avoid burning. By slowly increasing your exposure, you will minimize the risk of burning your skin.

Before you Get your Tan

  • Shower and exfoliate
  • Moisturize regularly
  • Keep hydrated your skin to get a better tan
  • Remove makeup
  • Avoid wearing perfumes
  • Remove jewelry to avoid tan lines

During your Sunbed Secession

  • Use lip balm
  • Apply tanning lotion immediately
  • Never use outdoor tanning lotion or oils in the beds as they are not effective for sunbed tanning
  • Use protective eyewear
  • Cover sensitive areas with a towel
  • Stop tanning if your skin starts to tingle

After Your Sunbed Secession

  • Tan extenders help to keep your tan looking rich and golden
  • If you feel overexposed, use relief lotion
  • If you are maintaining your current color, you want to take a tanning session four times a week

Skincare Tops

Following a good daily skincare regimen can extend the life of your tan and keep your skin healthy and refresh by following just 3 simple steps;


  • Try to exfoliate your skin weekly
  • If the skin around your elbows, knees, and heels is still rough, exfoliate only these areas regularly MOISTURIZE • Tanning can dry your skin, and tanning color absorbs and develops better in hydrated skin.
  • It’s extremely important to moisturize regularly, and apply moisture particularly before and after sessions.

Pay Special Attention to Your Face

  • Washing your face daily at least 2 times
  • Being sure to wash off makeup before each tanning visit
  • Use a specially formulated facial tanning lotion during your sunbed session for the best tanning results.
  • Use a facial lotion with SPF every day

Tanning is a popular activity, all women want to attain a healthy refreshing dark skin tone, particularly among people with lighter skin tones. This is due to the perception that tans make pale skin look healthier or more attractive as compare to whitish skin tone. However, while moderate and safe sun exposure, tanning also has some health effects on your body. If you want to attain the best dark skin tan, it is vital to take precautions to minimize the risks.

Last Wording About Tanning Lotion

Women want to expose their skin to the sun’s UV damaging rays but still want that sun-kissed glow. This guiding article gives you awareness about tanning lotion and helps you to get an idea of how to invest in your skin products to get better results. Always prefer to use best tanning lotion 2021, which exfoliating products such as alpha- or beta-hydroxy acids can speed the exfoliation process and shorten the duration of a sunless tan.

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