How to use tanning oil to get a flawless desire look?

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Tanning oil supports healthy tanning by moisturizing your skin; it will speed up the tanning process and give you a darker tan that most people want. Like tanning lotion and tanning cream, tanning oils come in different types and different ingredients: glycerin, vitamin E, coconut oil, and multi-fruit extracts.

Tanning oils don’t need to always protect against UV rays, so you have to keep this thing in your mind while buying tanning oil. There is a wide range of tanning oils available in the market under different famous leading brands and companies. But the actual thing is that how you would use these skin tanning oils in the right way to get the flawless desired tanned look. In this guiding article, I will suggest some tips and steps to guide you, how to use tanning oil to get a flawless desire look?

Types of Tanning Oils

Tanning oils are different from each other based on their certain ingredients and their tanning properties. Different types of tanning oils are formulated with different ingredients, which depend largely on indoor or outdoor tanning basses. Some tanning oils have more properties to moisturize your skin. Some tanning oils include chemicals that will save you from sun protection. Some contain “tingling” ingredients such as beta-carotene and much more.   I will briefly explain all of them one by one to guide you on which one is suitable for your skin tone.

Natural Tanning Oil

Natural tanning oils have been formulated with natural ingredients like herbs, fruit extracts, and multivitamins. They not only tan and moisturize your skin but also improve your skin texture as well. All-natural tanning oils are well-packed with nutrients that may prevent premature aging very commonly after regular tanning.  Natural tanning oils are great for getting a base tan, but you have to very particular while using natural tanning oils on your body because they don’t contain SPF.

Tingling” Tanning Oils

Tingling” Tanning Oils are best for those who want to attain a fast tan. Tingling tanning oils are helps to increase the production of melanin by promoting micro-circulation within your skin layer.  It contains such magical ingredients as; benzyl or methyl nicotinate, which will increase blood circulation and provide oxygen to the cells in your skin, which will help to increase the production of melanin, which will give your skin color.

In “Tingling,” Tanning Oils have enough properties of melanin that will help you get darker and even tan, which lasts for a long time compared to tanning lotions. Tingling tanning oils promote natural tanning because they are infused with natural ingredients that will allow you to get the perfect tan. If your skin is sensible and susceptible to sunburns, you may want to test Tingling tanning oils to get the flawless desired look.

Tanning Oils with UV Protection

Those tanning oils, which are formulated with UV/SPF protection, save you from sunburn. Tanning Oils with UV Protection are designed with skin-friendly natural ingredients like; grape seed oil, which has natural protective properties against sunburn and UV rays. However, such tanning oils usually do not go above SPF-4, which is extremely low from sun protection. Avoid infusing tanning oils with sunscreen; its effects will be dramatically reduced when paired with tanning oil.

Original Tanning Oils

Tanning oils with an oily texture should be poured on the skin and genteelly rubbed until it absorbed in your skin. These are great in their magical results, especially if your skin is dry and you need to be hydrated your skin tone. These tanning oils are a little bit greasy in texture, so they will help retain moisture and prevent your skin from sunburn.

Spray-On Tanning Oils

As the name suggests, spray-on tanning oils can be sprayed on your skin and then rubbed genteelly on the surface of your skin until it will be absorbed. These products allow you to control the amount of oil that you’re putting onto the skin. They usually have a greasy texture similar to original oils.

Dry Tanning Oils

It will be ideal for those who use best bed tanning lotion frequently. Dry tanning oils are sprayed on the skin and get rubbed in without the slick feeling on the hands. They are especially favorable for those skin types, which naturally greasy, as they will help prevent clogging of your pores.

Tanning Oils VS Tanning Lotions

tanning oil


When it comes to indoor tanning, most women prefer tanning lotions over oils due to their results. Tanning oils support healthy tanning effects by providing moisture to your skin and increasing the amount of UV light that will attract sun rays to create darker skin, ideal for beginners. On the other hand, tanning lotions are usually suitable for seasoned tanners due to deep tanning effects within your skin layer.

Bronzer tanning lotions give immediate results, and “tingling” lotions promote oxygenation to increase the skin’s amount of melanin. Tanning oils also work amazingly when you use them outdoor. Tanning oils also help to protect your tattoos; tanning oils won’t make your tattoos fade away.  Tanning oils result differently, although texture may be similar if the lotion is particularly greasy.

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Benefits of best Tanning Oil 2022

In this section I will guide you, how to find out best tanning oils to get ideal tan? And what are main ingredients you must consider while purchasing your tanning oils.

Keeps Skin Moisturized

Tanning oil helps your skin to stay flexible and providing smooth and refreshing even tan. Tanning oils are especially good for dry skin, as they create a protective layer that will moisturize your skin and nourish it.

Speeds Up Tanning

Tanning oils contain no UV protection. Tanning oils reflect light which will help to speed up tanning and provide you flawless desired darker tan. Tanning oils contain melanin, the natural compound that produces your skin color.

Protects Skin

Tanning oils are well-packed with multiple natural ingredients, including essential oils, that will improve the health of your skin. These skin-friendly ingredients supply your skin with essential nutrients that will help to remove wrinkles, fine lines, and aging effects. Always prefer to choose such tanning oils that contain hemp or coconut oils, natural botanical extracts, Vitamin E, riboflavin, or L-tyrosine; all of these ingredients will be beneficial for your skin and give you a long-lasting glow.

How to Apply Tanning Oils?

The right application process of tanning oil can give you a flawless, desired look that everyone wants. Here are some helpful tips to follow to use the tanning oils safely to get successful results.

  • Before applying tanning oil on your skin, make sure your skin is clean, smooth, and exfoliated.
  • Get rid of your skin dryness by exfoliating it. This process will help you to attain Sunkissed darkest tan.
  • Take a little drop of your favorite tanning oil, rub it genteelly on your palms, and apply it evenly on your desired parts of your body.
  • Sit in the sun for some time to catch some rays to get a Sunkissed tanning glow.
  • You can apply tanning oils overnight to get maximum nourishment and hydration; this process will be ideal for your skin rejuvenation.
  • Follow the directions provided by the manufacturer on the tanning oil label.
  • Always prefer to use quality products/ brands to receive the best tanning results.
  • Read the label and trust the manufacturer by following mentioned directions on the bottle.
  • Always scrub your hands after applying bronzer to prevent discoloration around fingers.
  • Protect your cloth and towel from the tanning oil.
  • Take a proper shower to remove the tanning oil and apply a moisturizer on your body to get a soft look.

All tanning oils are not equally suitable for all skin types and ages, so select them wisely. I recommend you always try to prefer those tanning products with natural ingredients that help to get natural flowless tanning to look with softness on your skin.

Buyer’s guide for tanning oils users

To get perfect tanning results, you have to follow guidelines to get a flawless desired tan. Tanning is all about those people who want to enjoy a tanning session. Before I suggest some guidelines, you have to get an idea about your skin tone being a tanning oil user. Here are few guiding tips for tanning oils users to get the most out of your tanning session.

Follow your dermatologist’s advice

Always follow the advice and instructions you will receive from your skin consultant to safe from any tragedy and skin disaster. These consultants know how your skin reacts to UV light after using tanning oil. They can give you valuable information about indoor tanning; these consultants have experience with tanning that you may use.

Age regulation for using tanning products

In most countries, there are age restrictions to apply tanning products. People under the age of 16 or 18 cannot use a tanning product on their skins. This minimum age depends upon the country where you live.

Use eye protector

You must wear an eye protector during UV exposure from a tanning machine. If you don’t do this, it will damage your retina and lead to other eye issues.  Before taking any service of tanning massage, you have to make sure to remove contact lenses before taking a tanning session.

Know your skin type

It is truly essential to get an idea about your skin type before taking a tanning session. When you don’t know your skin, type contacts a dermatologist to determine your type.

Use moisturizing lotion

A good moisturizer may help you protect your skin from aging, skin damage, and wrinkles. Some specific moisturizers such as; bronzers and accelerators are formulated to enhance the skin’s reaction to UV light and help to maintain moisture with your skin.

Don’t use medicines

Some medications can increase your sensitivity to UV light and, therefore, might cause sunburn.  So it’s much better to avoid medicine when you want to take a sunbath and applying tanning products; such medicines are;

  • Antibiotics
  • Diuretics
  • Anti-Depressants
  • Drugs for blood pressure
  • Antimalarials
  • Some Analgesics (in treatment for Rheumatism & Arthritis)
  • Some Contraceptive pills
  • Psoralens (for Psoriasis)
  • Eosin (Lipstick)

Always consult your dermatologist about whether it is all right for you to enjoy indoor tanning.

Don’t use cosmetics

Perfume, make-up, deodorant, and other cosmetics can influence your skin. These cosmetics increase the sensitivity of your skin and increase the chances of sunburn. Therefore, make sure your skin is clean, and you are not wearing any cosmetics before you start enjoying the tanning session.

Follow tanning time limit and instructions

To prevent any skin disaster, don’t exceed the recommended tanning duration

Don’t sunburn

Don’t sunburn; while applying tanning lotion, your skin may develop sunburn in case of excessive exposure to sun rays. Excessively repeated exposure to UV light from the sun or the tanning machine may lead to premature aging effects on your skin.

Look after unexposed are while taking tanning session

Those areas cannot be exposed to UV light. They get sunburned quickly. Therefore, it is important to start with a couple of minutes and slowly increase the tanning time. Make sure you will not get sunburned on unexposed areas. Look after unexposed are while taking tanning session.

All the above guidelines are really effective for these bingers. They don’t take any tanning secession before it.

FAQ Secession

How bad is tanning oil for you?

Tanning oils will create inconvenience if you are allergic to their ingredients. However, tanning oils may provide inadequate protection from ultraviolet radiation and give you a soft, smooth, and healthy tan.

Do tanning oils actually work?

Tanning oils also work on your skin layer to give you the best tan. It works a little bit differently than sunscreens. Tanning oils actually attract UV rays onto your skin; it will accelerate the production of melanin within your skin and increase blood circulation into your skin cells, which gives your skin a darker tan.

Which is the best tanning oil?

Cocosolis luxurious choco tan lotion is the best tanning oil. It is packed with combines 97.8% bio-certified and 99.8% natural ingredients to nourish your skin.

How can you get a tan fast?

Here are some tips to get a tan faster;

  • Use sunscreen with an SPF of 30%
  • Change positions frequently
  • Eat foods that contain beta carotene and sweet potatoes. It will help you to get a flawless tan without burning.
  • Try using oils with naturally occurring SPF.
  • Don’t stay outside for longer than your skin can create melanin
  • Eat lycopene-rich foods.
  • Choose your tanning time wisely; typically, sun rays are stronger between noon and 3 p.m.; the sun is at its strongest during this time; it will damage your skin.
  • Consider wearing a strapless top; it can help you get an even tan without any lines.
  • Preparing your skin before tanning will help your tan last longer.


In this guiding article, I will give you awareness about tanning oils and help you to get an idea of how much tanning oils are favorable for your skin. Tanning oils moisturize your skin without creating greasy effects on your skin layer. Essential skin ingredients in tanning oils help to get natural tanning effects.

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