Which Tanning Bed To Choose? 10 Things to Consider Before Buying

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 Did you know that UV tanning beds are the third most popular indoor tanning lotion method out of all available according to a survey by the Skin Cancer Foundation, almost 30% of adults in the U.S. get tanned indoors frequently? And this number is increasing every year. Now, why do so many people prefer indoor tanning over outdoor tanning? It’s because indoor tanning is safer than outdoor tanning. With an indoor tanning bed, you can achieve your desired skin tone at home and protect your skin from UV rays at the same time.

So if you have decided to buy a new UV tanning bed for your home, we have some useful tips for you! In this blog post, we will help you understand which factors are most important when buying a UV salon or home tanner and what features to look out for when doing so. The tanning bed market is vast, and it caters to a wide range of buyers. When shopping for tanning beds before and after, it’s best to know what you want before you start the search. With so many options available on the market, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to find the ideal equipment for your salon or your home. The following tips can help you take into account all the critical factors when choosing a tanning bed before buying one that will meet your needs:


Tanning-Bed after and before

“Before and After” Tanning Bed Results

1. Choose the tanning bed according to the level of your tanning experience

The first thing you need to do is choose the tanning bed according to your level of tanning experience. If you are new to indoor tanning, then it is best that you start with a low level of UV light and then increase it once you get used to it. If, on the other hand, you have been using indoor tanning beds for some time now, then it would be okay for you to go ahead and use a higher level of UV light. However, if there is any doubt in your mind about whether or not this would be right for your body, always seek medical advice before proceeding with anything else.

2. Tanning equipment should come in a package

You get what you pay for. You should be able to get a good-quality pre-installed tanning bed, but if it’s not in the package and you have to buy it separately, think about whether that makes sense for your budget.

3. The bed lamp or lamps are probably the most important things to consider

You need to make sure the lamp or lamps are capable of emitting UV-B rays (the type that can help you produce vitamin D). You also need it to emit UV-A rays, which may help reduce the risk of certain skin cancers. Finally, it needs to be able to emit UV-C and D rays as well.

UV stands for ultraviolet light, and there are seven types of it: A through G (with “D” being a proposed addition). The three main types of ultraviolet light used in tanning beds are B, A, and C—and they all have different effects on your skin.

4. Timers save your time and prevent overexposure

Timers are necessary for those who want to get the most out of their tanning session. If you’re new to using a timer, don’t worry; they are really easy to use! Set the desired time and press start. The timer will buzz when your session is up, and that’s how long you should stay in the machine before getting out.

Using a timer can help prevent overexposure when tanning and save time during your session by allowing you to spend less time in the booth than usual without sacrificing color development.

5. The cooling system is what you will appreciate after spending some time inside a tanning bed

Tanning beds are an investment, and you want to make sure that your skin is protected while spending time in the tanning bed. A cooling system will help you do just that.

Cooling systems come in various forms: some beds have fans, others have air conditioning, and others still have both. If your budget allows it, there are even some beds out there that offer more advanced cooling systems like water spray or cold misting. These options can be extremely helpful for comfort and safety—especially if you’re new to tanning!

6. You should be able to get a good-quality pre-installed tanning bed

  • If you want to buy a pre-installed tanning bed, there are many options available.
  • You should be able to get a good-quality pre-installed tanning bed that is high in demand and will last you for years with just the right amount of research.

7. Check the warranty period, too

Warranty is one of the most important things to look at when buying a tanning bed. You want to make sure that your warranty will cover all of your costs if something goes wrong and is easy to get.

The warranty should be long enough, covering all the parts and labor necessary to fix it should anything go awry over time. It’s also good if the warranty covers you for any damages caused by misuse or neglect on your part, so do take care not to damage or misuse it!

8. Take into account both interior and exterior elements of the salon when choosing equipment for your personal use

When you are choosing a tanning salon to be frequent, take into account both interior and exterior elements.

  • Choose a salon that has a good reputation.
  • Choose a salon that has a good location.
  • Choose a salon that has good interiors.
  • Choose a salon that has good exteriors, so it’s easy for you to find parking and get in and out of the building easily.
  • Also, look for staff members who are helpful, knowledgeable about their products, friendly towards customers, and willing to go above and beyond in order to give them satisfaction from their experience there!

tanning beds before and after

9. Should you go for a new or used tanning bed?

It’s up to you. If you want the most comfortable and energy-efficient tanning bed, go for a new one. If you aren’t sure about how much time you want to spend in your tanning bed and don’t care about extra features or quality materials, then using is fine too.

Also, keep in mind that if you buy a used tanning bed, it may not run as efficiently as it was new out of the box because of wear and tear on parts such as bulbs and ballasts over time.

10. Your comfort should be guaranteed by flexible beds

When it comes to tanning beds buy, they are not all created equal. In fact, the best one for you will depend on your budget and personal needs. So what should you look for in a bed? To start with, ensure that it can adjust to your body shape and size so that there is no strain on your muscles or joints as you lie down on it.

Also, make sure that it has an adjustable height feature so that if you have a bad back pain problem like me, then you can adjust this feature accordingly before using the tanning bed. That’s why I recommend these kinds of beds because they’re really helpful when it comes to making sure that both myself and my wife don’t suffer from any pains or injuries while using them!

Last but certainly not least important: make sure that there is enough room between yourself and anyone else who uses this particular type of product, so nobody gets hurt during its normal operation cycle (such as falling off onto their own foot).

Try getting at least two different types – one set up for home use (with a lower price tag)and another, which could possibly cost more money depending on how much space there is available within each household setting itself. The reason why we do this? Well, because some people need bigger ones whereas others might prefer something small enough so they won’t feel claustrophobic while using them at home.”

Before and After Tanning Bed

To get the best value for your money, be clear about what you need before you start shopping around.

To get the best value for your money, be clear about what you need before you start shopping around. Don’t buy a tanning bed that is too big for your needs, and don’t buy one that’s too small either. Most of the time, people will buy a product that is too large because they’re worried about it not being enough—and then when they try to use it, they find out (after spending thousands of dollars) that their needs are smaller than they thought.

To avoid this problem altogether:

  • Make sure you understand how much space the tanning bed will take up! If it’s going to be an issue in terms of where it goes and how much room there is in your home/apartment/etc., then reconsider whether or not this kind of purchase makes sense at all.
  • Check the warranty period carefully! Some companies offer better warranties than others; some have lifetime warranties on parts, while others only have one year on everything except bulbs (which may require replacement after less time).


As you can see, there is a lot to consider when spending your hard-earned money on a tanning bed before buying. You want the best equipment for your salon or home use. You want it to be reliable, comfortable, safe, and easy to maintain. That is why we advise you to take your time with this purchase and compare different brands and models carefully before making the final decision.

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